Specialty Services

  • Grinding
    Custom Grinding Services
    Have parts backing up behind your press? Would you like to reduce your scrap rate?
  • Recycling Programs
    Custom programs to help you.
    Be it parts, regrind, or old materials L. Lewallen can find a way to help molders recycle or reuse materials that they have problems with.
  • Inventory Stocking Programs
    JIT Service that makes sense.
    Have a large program but not the warehouse space to support it. Call L. Lewallen Company, we can set up a stocking program to bring the material to you when you need it. L. Lewallen Company can tailor a delivery and stocking program that suits your needs and schedule
  • Custom Compounding
    Old Tool? Regrind not running right?
    L. Lewallen can compound that grind for you, would you like to add fillers or other additives to run on another program L. Lewallen can help with that too.
  • Brokering of Prime and Wide Spec resins
    Large programs no problem
    L. Lewallen has the ability to setup a brokering program for you. With our extensive network of suppliers we are able to setup custom brokering services to meet your needs. No need to have to deal with vendors you don't know or don't trust.
  • Manufacturing Representation
    Having Molding that you need outsourced? Need to fill press time?
    With our extensive list of customers L. Lewallen Company can help. L. Lewallen can find a molder to run those parts for the right price. Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers are always looking for quality molders and that could be you.

L. Lewallen Company can help with many issues that molders face.